Friday, 30 May 2014

Easy way to make money online in minutes

You may have joined another affiliate program online but you would not be reading this if you managed to make a lot of money. 

And I happen to know why you did not succeed. I know this for many reasons. One of them is the fact that I have been making a living online and with no other source of income since 2005.

In fact I am the author of a best selling book titled How to make money online FAST and as a result of that book I have been trying to help many Kenyans make money online based on my own experiences. Most of them have struggled and these are some of the problems I took note of;

* It is very hard for a beginner to master all the online skills required to set up a blog and market it successfully enough to make money. Learning these skills takes time.

* Most people are impatient and easily get discouraged when they go for days, weeks and even months without earning any cash.

* To make money online you need to be consistent and you must do the same right things every day without fail. Many people do NOT have this kind of discipline.

For years I have been mulling over these problems knowing that if I managed to crack it and make it easy for others to earn money online I too would be richly rewarded for it. And that is how I came up with this revolutionary and innovative program you are reading about. 

Once I had created it, I started off with a test run for about 2 months and the results surpassed my most optimistic projections. One guy who had never even owned a Facebook account in his life before earned Kshs 2,000 in his first two weeks. A blogger earned Kshs 97,000 in his first month!!!

And so if you choose to join the Vitabu Unlimited cash earning program you will NOT be a guinea pig or experiment. This program has already been tried and tested and IT WORKS.

Let me give you the details;

* To join you send an email to You will then receive a response with your first instructions (which will enable you to make your first cash) and after that you will receive instructions regularly via your email. Meaning that we hold your hand through the entire process. Nothing will ever get complicated or difficult for you.

* All you need to do is create posts and status updates in your Facebook and twitter accounts. These MUST be interesting and informative and it SHOULD NEVER look like SPAM or you trying to sell something. Don't worry I will teach you exactly what to do and even supply you with ready made posts so that all you have to do is cut and paste.

* After you have done your post you send an email for me to have a look at it and if it is fine I credit your account with Kshs 10/- right away. Naturally the more posts you do the more money you earn.

* After a few days with the program you will graduate to making posts on blogs and discussion forums where we will also pay you Kshs 10/- per post.

* When you reach certain targets we give you a generous bonus for your hard work.

500 posts you get paid Kshs 1,000 bonus over and above your earnings.

2,000 posts you get paid Kshs 5,000 bonus over and above your earnings.

* When you reach 10,000 posts you will start earning a monthly income of Kshs 5,000 over and above the posts you do daily.

* When you reach 20,000 posts you will start earning a monthly income of Kshs 15,000 per month over and above the posts you do daily.

* To qualify for your monthly income you will need to continue making posts. If you meet this requirement you will continue to earn your monthly retainer without fail.

*     Vitabu Unlimited sells a wide range of products but mainly printed books and eBooks.

* It will never get boring because we have a huge volume of published  books and manuscripts on the ready so you will always have plenty of new fresh stuff to talk about in such an interesting way that people will always be eager to read about your status updates.

The Chinese have a saying; the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. You can take your first step right away by sending an email out to;


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